Home Improvements

As a premiere homebuilder in the Durham, Chapel Hill area, Krichco Construction is known for quality workmanship, honest and trustworthy team members and above all, integrity is behind every nail that is hammered and every piece of material that is used. Krichco Construction can be your home improvement specialist. You may be face with the decision of should you move or should you improve?

Before you make any decision you should have a conversation with the leading Durham and Chapel Hill Home Improvement Company: Krichco Construction will give you the rundown and show you the advantages of remodeling any or all of your home.

Styles and products have changed dramatically over the past few years. Why live in the past when Krichco Construction can restore and improve your living space and lifestyle. Krichco Construction has the experience and expertise to bring your home into the 21st century by changing the character of your home. We can make those changes reflect your tastes as your home becomes a clearer reflection of you.

Krichco Construction, founded in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina was founded in 1989 as a full custom build firm specializing in turn key land development of ultra-luxury estate homes and commercial properties. Krichco Construction hand picks team members and has a loyal group of expertly skilled, first class sub-contractors that work almost exclusively for Krichco Construction.

Being sought after by the region’s top architects, designers, and engineers, Krichco Construction has created a following of individuals who want the best in construction quality and customer service. It is for these reasons that Krichco draws the most elite customers in North Carolina’s prestigious Research Triangle Park area and is a preferred builder in Durham, Chapel Hill and now in Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.