Land & Project Development

We combine a customers needs with the proper piece of land to easily and comfortably accomplish goals. This can vary from small infill lots to single family estate homes, subdivisions, communities, and large commercial endeavors. One of our strong points is the ability to walk any size piece of land whether it’s 1/2 acre or 500 acres, and determine the most beneficial location to build. We enjoy taking into consideration topography, existing trees, views, sunlight, soils, and the client’s personal goals and desires. The perfect siting of a home or business very often includes not only finding the best location on a property, but also determining elevation, orientation towards views, trees, and sunlight and ease of access in and out of the home or business. We have quite often sited structures to deliver specific views out of certain key windows and outdoor living areas. These views can include specific specimen trees, existing features of the property, and areas we are creating new places of enjoyment. The accompanying barns, stables, outbuildings, pools, tennis courts, ponds and outdoor amenities are thoughtfully placed with the same considerations that a home is sited. After developing the most cost effective way to build a quality project that accomplishes the clients goals and dreams, the next most important aspect in building is thoughtful siting. The most appreciated siting juggles sometimes both competing and complimentary possibilities then delivers the perfect location, elevation, and orientation for years of quality enjoyment. Our ability to see the possibilities and visualize the perfect outcome sets us apart in our industry. We achieve a huge amount of satisfaction from creating beautiful spaces to enjoy life’s special moments and that starts in the early stages of visualizing the perfect outcome through proper siting.

Krichco Construction, founded in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina was founded in 1989 as a full custom build firm specializing in turn key land development of ultra-luxury estate homes and commercial properties. Krichco Construction hand picks team members and has a loyal group of expertly skilled, first class sub-contractors that work almost exclusively for Krichco Construction.

Being sought after by the region’s top architects, designers, and engineers, Krichco Construction has created a following of individuals who want the best in construction quality and customer service. It is for these reasons that Krichco draws the most elite customers in North Carolina’s prestigious Research Triangle Park area and is a preferred builder in Durham, Chapel Hill and now in Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.